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Photovoltaic power station in the Marche region

Power station in the Marche region made of 600 polycrystalline solar panels of 279w by OK GROUP.

1000 solar panels power station in Emilia Romagna

An example of photovoltaic power station on a big scale. For this project 1000 solar panels have been used and installed on a metallic structure. OK Group worked with a client in Emilia Romagna to realise this project.  

Installation of an Inverter Huawei 60KTL

In this project OK group was asked to install an inverter Huawei of 60KTL.

Photovoltaic power station of a 1000 solar panels

This project required the installation of 1000 solar panels for a big photovoltaic power station.

Three photovoltaic power stations in Emilia Romagna

In this case we show three different photovoltaic power stations that we have installed in Emilia Romagna, in the north of Italy.

Inverter and battery installation

For this project we were asked to install a 1-phase inverter by Huawei and a LgChem Battery.

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